10 Reasons why we love BODYPUMP™!


In today’s fitness crazed society, we see thousands upon thousands of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pictures of Fitness Gurus looking incredible. Now, more than ever, people want to get in shape and live a healthy lifestyle! If you haven’t heard of the international fitness company taking the world by storm, where have you been hiding?

Les Mills is an international fitness company offering up to 14 exercise programmes. In a nut shell, Les Mills aims to make exercise accessible for all abilities, ages and genders. So whatever type of training you are into, there is a class for everyone! New Forest Health and Leisure have recently launched Les Mills BODYPUMP™ classes at all five of our Health and Leisure Centres. Read on to discover 10 reasons why we love BODYPUMP™.


1. UP TO 560 CALORIES BURNT*! BODYPUMP™ can burn up to 560 calories in under an hour, meaning you can enjoy more of your healthy foods! Hoorah!!

2. BUILDS STRENGTH!BODYPUMP™ is essentially a free weights class designed to improve strength and long lean muscle, no bulk!

3.BURNS FAT!BODYPUMP™ not only strengthens our muscles but it also burns body fat to the max!

4.HELPS YOUR BONES!BODYPUMP™ has been scientifically proven to help strengthen bone health, decreasing the risk of osteoporosis.

5.CHART TOPPING MUSIC! – A typical BODYPUMP™ class pumps out the latest chart music, and there is something for everyone! From powerful rock ballads to motivating club remixes! Basically you can work out with stars like Rhianna and Jason Derulo!

6.STRESS RELEASE! – There is no arguing about it, regular exercise increases hormones in your body which not only make you happier, but also help reduce stress and anxiety levels! Sometimes we all just to need to pump some iron to get over a stressful day at the office!

7.SET YOUR OWN PACE!BODYPUMP™ allows individuals to set their own personal goals. You won’t get shouted at by your instructor if you don’t lift heavy enough…well at least not on your first class. Joking aside, all of the Les Mills programmes are designed with SMART START, whereby new participants are encouraged to try at least 4 of the 10 tracks in a class, then if you’ve had enough, you can leave and come back next week to try up to track 5, track 6 and so on, until you are ready to try the full class.

8.MOTIVATIONAL INSTRUCTORS! – The Instructors are there to help you every step of the way! Motivation plays a huge role in helping you achieve your goals, and our instructors will help you get there!

9.IT’S FUN!?! – That’s right BODYPUMP™ is fun! Who would have thought that working out could actually be enjoyable. Les Mills conducted a study that proved working out with a friend can actually help you to work harder and succeed with your fitness goals! So if that’s the case then bring 4 of them!

10.TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE!BODYPUMP™ not only focuses on weight training, but it also delves into the cardiovascular side of training too! More often than not you’ll be puffed out by the time you’ve finished a track and that is because the Les Mills team have devised a programme to functionally train your muscles as well as target one of the largest muscles in the body, your heart!

So the next time you consider trying a BODYPUMP™ class, why think twice? Get down to your local New Forest Health and Leisure centre today and kick start your path to achieving your fitness goals!


LUKE – BODYPUMP™ Instructor, Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer at Ringwood Health and Leisure. 02380 285531| | New Forest District Council | newforest.gov.uk/leisure


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