Free weight loss wristband and food diary


Wow! It appears that you are all so enthusiastic to get fit this year that all of our diary’s and bands have officially gone. It’s great to see so many of you motivated to keep healthy!

Forget about Christmas presents, this year we are giving out New Year presents. We all know that January can be a bit of a drag after all the sparkles and festivities of December so we want to make you feel Jantastic. To kick off 2016 we are giving away FREE weight loss wristbands and a FREE 90 day challenge food diary. This is perfect for all those who are looking to cut down on food for their New Years resolution.

Our weight loss wristband is the perfect tool to help you accomplish your desired weight. It’s your 24/7 accountability partner, reminding you to make a healthy choice each time you reach into your fridge. As you track your weight loss by moving the tracker button, you may feel a sense of accomplishment.

It’s a simple strategy to eat healthy and enrich in physical activity but in today’s hectic world it’s easy to get derailed from good intentions.  Our motivational food diary enables you to stay focused on your ultimate goals in small realistic steps, from tips on eating out and what foods to avoid, to a personal contract one must sign to ensure you stick to your goals.

So how on earth can you get these life changing freebies I hear you ask?!
All you need to do is tweet us at @newforestl or comment on our Facebook post with your nearest centre and choice of colour: orange, red, green, pink or black.  We will then send your band and diary to the centre ready for you to pick up.

So what are you waiting for, get your wristband and diary today.

Happy January everybody!


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