5 Tips for Healthy Pancakes

Pancakes with berries and honey closeup

Move aside Valentines Day and the 29th, personally I think pancake day is THE highlight of Feb and here a few quick tips to make sure you have a healthy one:

COCONUT OIL – Use coconut oil instead of ordinary oil and your body will reap the rewards! Coconut oil helps boost metabolism, aids digestion, supports your immune system and even helps get rid of those sugar cravings. This healthier oil is a great alternative to fry your pancakes in. Plus, if you’ve used too much, slap it in your hair and give your barnet some much needed pampering too! It’s like getting 2-for-1!

‘OH HONEY’ – We can agree that golden and maple syrup taste great on pancakes, however, more often than not they are synthetically produced and pumped full of artificial sugars. So why not treat your body to something equally sweet and 100% natural? That’s right, Honey. Honey has been known to soothe coughs and colds, boost memory and provides essential nutrients. It can also kill off antibiotic-resistant bacteria such as E.coli. Not to mention it’s a little less sticky.

NATURAL YOGURT – It seems obvious but swap your full fat cream for the lighter option that is Natural Yogurt! Yogurt is loaded with vitamins including calcium, vitamin D, many probiotics which help to look after your gut and can even prevent high blood pressure.

WHOLEMEAL FLOUR – Instead of making your pancakes with plain flour, try wholemeal flour instead. Wholemeal food will keep you fuller for longer so having these pancakes for breakfast should keep you going until lunchtime.

SPICE UP YOUR PANCAKE – Instead of creating the leaning tower of pancakes as you top the pancake with every syrup and fruit available, adding spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg or ginger means that your pancakes will taste delicious without the tempting toppings. You could even add peanut butter to your batter, this way your pancake with be packed with protein.

Jessica Young - Communications Assistant

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