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Just a few of our health and leisure couples, Lewis & Claire Jenkins, Phil & Lauraine Ling, Joe Broadway & Hannah Fieldhouse, Aaron Cogdell & Poppy Tiller, Sam Bentley & Bronte Bailey

Valentines day is here and just like many others, New Forest Health and Leisure are feeling all gooey. Throughout the years many of our own employees have found love within the leisure centres. With 5 marriages, 5 children and 1 current engagement is the workplace a great way to find your soul mate? We’ve assembled some of the most interesting facts from a “Romance Report” by CareerBuilder, so you can decide..

2 in 5  people have said they have dated a co-worker at least once over the course of their career.

Couples who train work together stay together – almost a third of people went on to marry their co-worker. 

Careers in Leisure and Hospitality were the top of the workplace romance list with 57%. Here is the rest:

2.Utilities 51%
3.Information Technology 46%
4.Transportation 42%
5. Financial Services 38%
6.Retail 35%
7. Manufacturing 35%
8.Healthcare 32%

It was also recorded that workplace relationships are most likely to blossom from co-workers running into each other outside of work (11%), a joint second is during a night shift or during lunch hour (10%) and love at first sight came in at 9%.


Jessica Young - Communications Assistant

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