Aqua Zumba

azYou are cordially invited to one of the healthiest pool parties you’ll ever attend.

Where: Applemore Health and Leisure / Totton Health and Leisure

When: Wednesdays at 7.20pm-8.05pm / Thursdays at 8.00pm – 9.00pm

Aqua Zumba is a low impact, high energy aquatic exercise class suitable for any fitness level, the group age ranges from 12-80+ years. Instructor Debbie uses a selection of global music such as  Asian fusions of Bangra, Belly Dancing with Raggeaton and hip hop, traditional Latin rhythms of Salsa, Cha Cha Cha, Merengue and always the latest chart toppers.

Debbie says “Aqua Zumba can be compared to interval training because the faster rhythms of Merengue and EDM (Electronic Dance Music) work more on speed and agility, while slower rhythms of Cumbria and hip hop concentrate more on core strength training and range of motion that increases flexibility. My Zumba classes are designed with an aerobic bell curve where the music starts slower and then builds into a crescendo of beats and rhythms that will elevate heart rates to get them into the zone. Zumba is all about the party and I encourage members to whoop and whoo and fully let go of inhibitions and have the best time, while burning fat and increasing muscle tone.”

Still not convinced? Here’s what our customers think..

“The music is a massive part of Aqua Zumba and really gets you working. Debbie is a fantastic instructor who not only makes it fun, but also gives you varying options to push you as hard as you might want to go. Aqua Zumba is good for people who want to work hard but have maybe joint or muscle problems as there is minimal impact stress on the body.” – Jo

“I do both Aqua and Aqua Zumba, the difference, I feel is that even though both are a fantastic exercise, Aqua Zumba feels more like a party in the water so the time goes quickly. It helps having a fantastic (crazy) instructor. Aqua Zumba has also given me the incentive to try Zumba, which I never would of even considered before” – Becky

“Me and Zumba don’t go but Aqua Zumba is different. It may sound weird but Aqua Zumba is easier and Debbie Trotter makes it fun” – Rachel

So there’s no time like the present. Dig our your swimming costume and join the party, who knows you may even bust some moves out in the pool on holiday!  

You can book your space via telephone: 023 8028 5531

Via our website:

Or via our app: NFDC Leisure

Jessica Young - Communications Assistant

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