Healthy Easter Treats

strawberry in chocolate

With Easter Sunday coming up this weekend, you can’t help but notice the boom in chocolatey, sugar infused colourful treats lining our favourite supermarkets! Tempting aren’t they? If you are trying to stay on track with your healthy eating this time of the year, read on for an exciting alternative to your typical Easter treats!

  1. Dark Chocolate – Luckily for us more and more companies have realised that not everyone wants to indulge in an artificially flavoured and coloured Easter egg. Dark chocolate has some huge health benefits and if you give it a try it’s really not as bitter as you think. Try and pick up some chocolate that is at least 70% cacao. Studies have shown that dark chocolate can reduce blood pressure, improve cognitive function and help regulate your blood sugar levels protecting you against type 2 diabetes. Dark chocolate is also loaded with vitamins and minerals and is packed with antioxidants which fight free radicals in the body! #winning
  2. Chocolate Covered Fruit – Instead of sugar coated mini eggs and treats, melt some dark chocolate, chop up some fruit, coat the chocolate on top of your fruit pieces and refrigerate for 2-3 hours. Voila! Healthier chocolate mini treats.
  3. Alternatively with your melted chocolate dip strawberries, raspberries and banana for a healthier fruit fondue! We find that dark chocolate works best here as the slightly bitter taste of the chocolate compliments the sweetness of the fruit.
  4. Let’s Get Crafty – If you have got ‘mini humans’, why not get them involved in something a bit crafty – just make sure you cover EVERYTHING that you treasure in your house, or better yet, take them outside! Let the kids get involved with creating the chocolate covered fruit. They’ll love dipping stuff in chocolate and will love creating the snacks to put in the fridge. Or how about non edible crafts? Maybe an Easter bunny mask equipped with ears and even a fluffy tail? We won’t go telling you how to make this because 1. We have no idea either and 2. This is what parenting is all about, thinking on your feet – good luck!
  5. Let The Hunt Begin! – It’s the morning of Easter Sunday and it’s time to grab your basket to begin the perilous journey into the garden to search for Eggs! But before you set off, have a little word with the Easter Bunny and perhaps ask him to hide a few of those chocolate covered fruits you made (which was probably a messy disaster, we’re sorry we told you to get the ‘mini humans’ involved). Wrap the treats in tin foil and be as creative as you like with ribbons, coloured tissue paper, stickers! Make it exciting and enchanting – after all, it’s far more believable that the Easter Bunny would leave homemade gifts rather than ‘Tesco Finest Mini Eggs’ isn’t it?
  6. Don’t forget – The Easter holidays are just that – a holiday. Enjoy this time with your family, remember what the true meaning of Easter is, and even if you do not celebrate this time as a religious holiday, just enjoy being together, the transition into Spring (which has taken its sweet time getting here) and most of all, enjoy life! Treat yourself once in a while – we all deserve a cheat day every now and again!
Luke Beavis - Fitness Instructor

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