Month: April 2016

Your guide to running your first Marathon

Running fast, marathon

Have you been inspired by the London Marathon?

Well good news, almost anyone can complete a marathon with the right preparation, so here’s some advice aimed at those looking to get round and hopefully enjoy the experience.

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what is HITT

Train like your fitness idol in a high intensity interval training (HIIT) class with the chance to burn around 500 calories in just half an hour! As daunting as it may sound HIIT is the perfect blend of fitness and science making it one of the most effective training methods for fat burning.

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New Forest Marathon


It’s coming towards that time of year when you turn the TV on and see the inspirational sight of 38000 people running in the London Marathon and say to yourself “I’m going to do that next year”! Sound familiar and you do in fact wish to run an iconic event but can’t wait a whole year? Listen up!

New Forest Health & Leisure have teamed up with The New Forest Marathon to help inspire people in the New Forest to get active this summer. Famous for being “more than just a marathon” the popular local event that has been running for the last 32 years offers distances from as little as a walk and a 1.5k junior run, 5k and 10k as well as a half and full marathon all in one day on Sunday September 11th 2016.

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