7 ways to stay hydrated this summer

glass water

With summer beginning its welcome approach, thousands will soak up the rays and the heat, and hydration is especially important. Here’s some easy ways to be certain that you keep hydrated through the summer months!

Plan ahead and pack

The best way to make sure you’ll have enough is to bring it with you. A few containers of drinking water should be an essential part of any outing.

Mix it up

Lets admit it water can get a bit boring! So why not mix it up? Surprisingly research has found that milk can actually be more hydrating than water* because it has a source of high quality protein, carbohydrates, calcium and electrolytes!  You could also make yourself a smoothie, just make sure you try to avoid natural diuretics such as caffeine, alcohol or sugar.

Eat it!

Water is not only available to us through the liquids we drink, but is also contained in food we eat. For example, the aptly-named watermelon is renowned for its high water content and it’s delicious too.

Remember the electrolytes

When the body sweats it doesn’t just lose water, it loses important electrolytes as well. Sports drinks offer a quick electrolyte fix (although some may have high sugar content).

Who doesn’t love an ice pop?

They’re cool, they’re sweet, they drip down to your feet… but they also quench your thirst! This means they’re a great way to stay hydrated. Children especially can benefit from having ice pops – just maybe keep dodgy the rapping out of it.

Remind yourself to drink enough water

Program recurring reminders into your calendar, your to-do list or even set alarms. If it’s hard to remember to stay hydrated, let technology take care of it.

Jug it

If all else fails buy a big water bottle and make yourself finish it at least twice a day. Why not purchase one with a filter so you can add lemons, lime, mints, even strawberries to give it a fruitier flavour.

* Research from Science Daily https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/08/110817142849.htm

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