Why was the pool green?!

why is the pool green.jpg

Anyone who was watching the Olympic diving last night may have noticed that the pool was a slightly different colour to what it was the night before. Even Tom Daley tweeted what everyone else was thinking, “Ermmm…what happened?!”. We’ve had a discussion this morning to see if we can speculate what this Ghostbuster slime is doing in an Olympic diving pool.

1.”Pool filtration resulting in Algae build up. This can be compounded by sunlight! (open air pool)”

2. “It is likely that 2 pools of this size are running separate disinfection systems so could explain the different water colour.”

3. “I believe it is due to the fake tan that came off all the male divers the night before!”

4.”Perhaps it was intentional – One of Brazil’s favourite colours – all of the gymnastics arena is green!”

All answers are just speculation but we can definitely confirm that all of our swimming pools are lovely and blue this morning!


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