Totton in a Spin


On Sunday 22 May, Totton Health and Leisure held their forth Big Spin event. Three months and a draw full of sponsorship forms later we can finally reveal that the final total stands at an incredible £18,224.16!

I suppose you could say it all went ‘spinningly’ at our latest Big Spin event last May. With 240 people taking part in four 45 minute Spin sessions it’s no surprise the event was a huge success with money still rolling in months after the event had finished.

On Monday 12 September all four charities received their £4,556.04 equal share of the money raised and here is how it has helped them:

Kimberley Elliott, Fundraising and PR Manager – Simon Says
“Simon Says were delighted to be selected as one of the four charities to be part of the 2016 Big Spin. Such a large amount of money will make a massive difference to our charity and it is our intention to use the money to cover the running costs of our support group in New Milton. This was one of our first support groups to be opened over 15 years ago and has supported many children through the loss of a loved one. This money will offer stability, ensuring this facility continues to be available to these vulnerable young adults and children.”

Judith Stephens, Events and Community Fundraising Officer – Southampton Hospital Charitytoby-heart-echo
“The money raised from the Big Spin has helped us reach our fundraising total of £30,000 in order to buy a new cardiac ultrasound machine. The machine is now at the  Princess Anne Maternity Hospital it is highly portable (about the size of a laptop) and can be taken to a patient’s bedside and set up quickly to run tests. This means that  pregnant women will receive faster, better results and have appropriate medical management and care to optimise the safety of both mother and baby.”

Fiona Morgan – First Opportunities
“First Opportunities is a small pre-school providing therapeutic play and education for young children with a wide variety of special needs and relies heavily on fundraising. We need to employ specially trained key workers to help the children as some do have severe and complex physical and learning difficulties. Training and insurance are two of our biggest expenses, so with the money from Big Spin we are hugely grateful to be able to put it towards meeting our annual running costs of approximately £65,000 a year.”

Jacki Keable, Chief Executive – New Forest Disability Information Service 
“We shall use the marvellous amount raised for us to continue to employ our Outreach Advisor when this year’s grant funding for her post finishes. This will ensure we can continue to reach hard to reach clients in the remotest parts of the New Forest”

On that very sweaty day in May it was revealed that customers alone had been receiving their own sponsors which led to £9,000 being put into the final pot – lets not forget that our original target was £10,000 – so we would like to say a HUGE thank you to all those spinners who not only brought their ticket, but also raised an incredible amount.

A lot of our money also came from the Big Raffle that was drawn during the final class. With around 150 prizes to be won the raffle raised well over £1,000 and again, this would not have been possible without all the people who donated prizes, sold raffle tickets and also brought them.

We can not thank all of our staff and customers enough who helped us make this day as successful as it has been!



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