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I had always been pretty active, albeit on the large side, with swimming a particular forte but that all came to a halt with the arrival of my second child 17 years ago after which the weight just piled on and on…

A chance meeting with a personal trainer one week before my 50th birthday in March 2015 changed all that. I was fortunate enough not to have any health problems but felt I was pushing my luck at my age and size. I made an on the spot decision to sign up with him and – long story short – in the last 12 months I have lost 6.5 stone and counting. I have had to be dedicated but I haven’t found it to be hard work. I pushed myself so far out of my comfort zone but that’s now a distant memory!

From swimming to spinning, running to boxing I’ve done it all – and literally in some cases, got the t-shirt! I now regularly run 5k which still seems like a miracle even to me and this year’s challenges include a 10k run, parachute jump, Tough Mudder (12 mile obstacle race in the mud) and possibly a triathlon. I don’t diet – I just eat healthily and my grocery bill has actually decreased along with my waist. To say I am enjoying my new lifestyle would be an understatement and I cannot think of a single aspect of my life that hasn’t been positively impacted on. Long may it continue

Nicki from Ringwood Health and Leisure. Featured in September 2016 Inspire Magazine .



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