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At the age of 22 my life was a world of numbers – calories, weight, meals and steps. A series of events in my life caused me to develop an eating disorder. I felt like I had very little control over my life and in the end found a form of control in food.

At my worst I was consuming less than 500 calories a day (the recommended daily amount for women is 2,000) and spending at least 40 minutes on the treadmill. Believing I wasn’t worthy and like I was of no value to anyone I was punishing myself both mentally and physically until I was weak, tortured and fragile. It wasn’t until numerous ambulance call outs and episodes of fainting that I finally made the decision to seek support.

After a few months of medical help I decided to join New Milton Health and Leisure. My first class was Kettlercise with Karen. Nervous, I was the first to arrive but to my surprise I was made to feel welcome and Karen was superb in showing me the correct weight to use and how to hold the kettlebell correctly for each exercise. Having always been an active person it felt amazing to get back to fitness and I enjoyed fuelling my body correctly. One class turned into 10 then 15 and now I enjoy a variety of classes from Body Pump, to suspension training, to Spin.

All of the instructors at New Milton have been incredibly supportive and helpful as well as professional and knowledgeable and always make the classes fun.

Joining the centre has given me so much, I have made some fabulous friends in the process who are always spurring each other on and having a laugh. At the age of 25 I now feel the fittest I have ever felt before. Fitness has helped restore the respect I have for my body proving all it can achieve and has helped me love myself again.

I think fitness is the most under-utilised anti-depressant and I would thoroughly recommend New Forest Health and Leisure to anyone after everything it has given me.

Jenny from New Milton Health and Leisure. Featured in September 2016 Inspire Magazine.

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