Sophie’s story


Baby bump to Body Pump. I had been doing Zumba for several years but after the birth of my son I decided it was time for a new fitness fix.

During my pregnancy I thought the weight would drop off as I would be running around after a baby. However, after my pregnancy, losing the weight was tougher than I thought so I went back to Zumba twice a week and walked as much as I could. After a few weeks I still couldn’t see much of a difference.

New year, new class – Body Pump. Walking into a class full of weights was quite scary as I had never really weight trained before. I explained to the instructor, Luke, that I had just had a baby and my fitness wasn’t at its best, he helped me set up and was really encouraging. He even said that after four sets newcomers were welcome to leave; even though it was hard I manage to stay for the whole class. Luke is really motivating especially when it gets tough (which it really does), I stuck it out and now go to 2 of his classes and also do the occasional Monday class with Georgia.

After six weeks my weight was dropping and my body shape was completely changing which was incredibly motivating. When your body has changed so much through pregnancy getting back on track is so important, I feel great after every class and go home with so much energy and positivity.

I’ve definitely become stronger since attending Body Pump as the weights that I use have increased and I can do more push ups each class in which I’m proud of. Body Pump is brilliant and I constantly look forward to the next class.

Sophie from Ringwood Health and Leisure. Featured in September 2016 Inspire Magazine.



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