Month: April 2017

Why May is such an important month

Toby White – Fitness manager comments on why May is the most crucial month to keep your eye on those fitness goals. 
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Bootcamp at Ringwood

January, February and March were amazing months class number wise and it was great to see so many of our users taking full advantage of all the classes we have available.

The ability to measure performance is the key to success and monitoring progress. Within my spin classes I’ve really started to notice that my regulars are making some great progression since the introduction of the upgraded spin bike consuls with the ability to monitor their power (wattage) and distance data and our customers are starting to see month by month improvements. I’ve also started to introduce my regulars to working within training blocks of time. So from January to April and then a shorter block of May through into June. May is a really important month fitness wise.

Think of all the progression you’ve made since January and now it’s important to maintain that progress over the next 2 months. We all know that during July & August there are often lots of other activities that get in the way of our own pursuit of staying fit and healthy such as school holidays, trips abroad and the garden becoming much more appealing than the dance studio on a warm summer evening. It’s inevitable that things will get in the way and yes we all need a well-deserved break at some point.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetBody pump at Lymington

So with this in mind May & June will see me start to challenge my participants a little more knowing that there will be a drop off looming. But if we can look to take those fitness levels a little higher over the next 2 months then even with a drop off over the summer period we’ll be still starting the next block of work in September in a relative position of strength. Meaning that the gains made over 2017 are maintained to a decent level.


The above chart shows fitness progression over the year. Allowing for a drop off during  July and August we’ll still be starting September from a better position than we did from the start of the year if we really keep pushing throughout May & June.

Good luck everyone, Toby 🙂