Hints and Tips

Anxiety A-Z


Did you know that 10% of the UK population suffer with anxiety, putting it at the top, along with depression, as the most common mental illness? This means that everyone will come into contact with it at some point during their life and with the Christmas season underway the pressure seems to rise.

We are here you help you focus on the positives with our A-Z list of coping strategies. These are desgined to distract your brain from your worries making each day a little bit easier.

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Beat the bounce


For gents investing in a good pair of trainers suitable for your feet and exercise forms the basis of any workout outfit. However, for the ladies not only are a good pair of trainers essential but you also need to take care on top. **WARNING** Gents if you’re still reading this – it’s going to get personal.

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Why getting your ‘Zen’ on might be one of the best things you do today

yoga-manAt some point in our lives we’ve all heard, “try yoga, it’s so good for you” or “try pilates, it’s great for your core and back”. But what does yoga and pilates actually do for us? Isn’t it all just noisy breathing and trying to contort your body into weird and wonderful poses? Not quite. Read on to discover why getting your ‘Zen’ on could be the best thing you’ve ever done.

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Healthy Easter Treats

strawberry in chocolate

With Easter Sunday coming up this weekend, you can’t help but notice the boom in chocolatey, sugar infused colourful treats lining our favourite supermarkets! Tempting aren’t they? If you are trying to stay on track with your healthy eating this time of the year, read on for an exciting alternative to your typical Easter treats!

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Reasons to get serious about swimming

swimmer2We all have memories of that first ever swimming lesson, our small vulnerable feet gingerly walking across the slimy tiles of poolside, while the essence of chlorine engulfs your nostrils. Just like walking, swimming is a life skill you will never forget.  During these cold winter months going outside to exercise could be quite daunting and pushing weights and running on the spot on the running machine isn’t for everyone. So, if you’re not already, why not dig out those costumes, jump in a pool and get serious about swimming.

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Eating Well This Christmas


Christmas, a time that even the healthiest of individuals resign themselves to gaining a few pounds. A time where diets and fitness plans seem to fall very low on the priority list. However, keeping healthy over the Christmas break doesn’t have to be the hair in your soup. Here at New Forest Health and Leisure we have devised a few helpful tips to keep you on top of those fitness goals.

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