Alice’s Road to Rio


Alice Tai is a world champion swimmer preparing for the biggest competition of her life, Rio 2016 Paralympics. Here’s how a local girl who started swimming with the Seagulls Swim Club at New Milton Health and Leisure managed to make her dreams come true.

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Why was the pool green?!

why is the pool green.jpg

Anyone who was watching the Olympic diving last night may have noticed that the pool was a slightly different colour to what it was the night before. Even Tom Daley tweeted what everyone else was thinking, “Ermmm…what happened?!”. We’ve had a discussion this morning to see if we can speculate what this Ghostbuster slime is doing in an Olympic diving pool.

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Reasons to get serious about swimming

swimmer2We all have memories of that first ever swimming lesson, our small vulnerable feet gingerly walking across the slimy tiles of poolside, while the essence of chlorine engulfs your nostrils. Just like walking, swimming is a life skill you will never forget.  During these cold winter months going outside to exercise could be quite daunting and pushing weights and running on the spot on the running machine isn’t for everyone. So, if you’re not already, why not dig out those costumes, jump in a pool and get serious about swimming.

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